From October of this year, NSW Department of Education schools are not able to access a range of different Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) kits as part of a $23 Million boost to public schools. These kits come in a range of different forms from robots and 3D printers, through to green-screen filming kits (the latter of which we have been able to secure for use in term 4). As part of the research and development of these kits, each has gone through rigorous testing both in and out of schools. One of the newest kits soon to become available in 2019 is the secondary virtual reality kit; with CVS being fortunate enough to secure early access as a pilot school for the program.

As part of the pilot program, the school has been loaned a high-performance HP Z VR Backpack computer and matching headset with controllers. Staff have also received training to ensure they are best able to deliver engaging and safe lessons using this system. Through this equipment, students will be able to drop-in to any part of the world for geography and explore their surroundings, or work on a archaeological dig site for history; all without the inhibiting costs that would normally accompany access to these experiences. In mathematics students will be able to manipulate shapes and understand complex angles, whilst in PDHPE the ability to witness the intricacies of the mechanics behind safe human movement are just a sample of the possibilities with this new equipment.

As virtual reality becomes part of our learning in term 4, make sure you keep an eye on the website for updates on what students have been up to, and for more regular news make sure you’re following our Facebook page!