Our School

Schooling Costs


Canterbury Vale School provides all resources that a student needs in the school day. Students are not required to bring books, a school bag or any materials other than their lunch on a school day.

Each student is provided with books and stationery to use in the classroom.

As such we do request that parents and carers keep this in mind when we ask for the $40 voluntary school contribution each year.

There are some costs associated with going to school that you may find helpful to plan and budget for such as:

  • uniforms
  • excursions as required
  • extra-curricular activities as required.

School Uniform Costs

Canterbury Vale makes polo shirts and fleece jumpers available for purchase on enrolment and as required throughout the year. These are compulsory uniform and students are expected to wear a Canterbury Vale branded top to school each day.

Polo shirt (S/L) – $25

Fleece jumper (S/L) – $35

Voluntary school contribution

At the start of each year we may ask for a voluntary school contribution to enhance our educational and information technology programs.

We try to keep any additional costs to a minimum and may be able to assist families who are having financial difficulty paying schooling costs.